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MySQL Conference ‘07 Certification Exam Pass Rates

By Carsten | February 21, 2008

Mark writes:

At the 2007 conference, they had certification tutorials for CMDBA I and II, along with MySQL Cluster . I attended the CMDBA tutorials, both tracks and it was excellent. It was also packed with attendees, and I can say what I learned there helped me greatly in passing both exams. You should know, only about a third of the attendees taking the CMDBA I exam, and about half taking the CMDBA II exam passed last year. The last years final numbers can be found here. I’d be curious to know how many of those that passed the exams took the certification tutorials.

To my knowledge, no-one ever got around to making that particular study, so the following is pure speculation based on my personal observations and talking to people at last year’s conference.

  1. Unless you’re already extremely proficient, you can’t pass the exams without studying — attending the tutorials is not enough to pass the exams. At least some people were surprised by this. MySQL certifications are not just another piece of paper…
  2. As the exams were offered at such a low price, several people I talked to decided to pay for the exams out of their own pockets without any kind of studying (or attending the tutorial) just to “dip their toe in the water” and get a feel for what the exams are like.

Off-hand, before going to the conference I would have expected the pass rates to have been much higher than what the results actually show. I’m fairly convinced the above two points have a lot to do with the end result.
(I would have commented on Mark’s blog directly, but I don’t use or any of the other required identification schemes.)

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One Response to “MySQL Conference ‘07 Certification Exam Pass Rates”

  1. Sheeri Says:
    February 21st, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I got a much lower score on the exams than I’d anticipated, even though I studied and have lots of proficiency….the problem is that my proficiency was in MySQL 3.23/4.0/4.1 at the time and I wasn’t even playing with a 5.0 database. So the studying helped me get the edge to learn the 5.0 stuff.

    The certification can help, but having gone through the 4.0 course + exam, I can say that having a week-long course AND proficiency AND time to study is *necessary* so I would say that folks that took the certification tutorial probably scored higher, but I’d say in very few cases did it “put them over the top”. If you know it, you know it, and if you don’t, you don’t.