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Can You English Write?

By Carsten | August 9, 2007

If you’re good at English and skilled at using MySQL, you should know that we have recently posted an opening for a certification exam writer to bolster the maintenance and creation of new MySQL certification exams.

It’s a job with a lot of aspects: Targeting new MySQL products, translations, updating our exams to match the evolving features of the existing products, and much more. There is much work to do, but too few heads and hands to put to the task of doing all this.

What I’m looking for is a person who has the right combination of excellent written English-language skills, careful attention to details, and of course good working knowledge of MySQL. If you have experience working with training materials or testing, all the better!

Your skills in producing error-free, well-constructed writing is the most important aspect of the job. If you have technical skills, such as PHP programming, great! If you know your way around other languages (particularly Japanese and/or Chinese), even better!

And the best part of it all: MySQL is a virtual company, so you get to work from home! No need to throw yourself at the mercy of the morning and evening rush-hours, no irritating radio in the next cubicle.

The downside is, of course, that you’ll need to refill the coffee maker yourself.

For more details on this job click the Certification Exam Writer link on our jobs page, or just go here.

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